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This listing is for Black Oil Sunflower microgreens.  Under normal circumstances, your order will be ready within one week.   All microgreens from this shop are grown organically indoors in potting soil, and packaged in fully compostable packaging.  Microgreens are harvested fresh for you on the day of delivery/pickup.

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This listing is for Black Oil Sunflower microgreens.  I grow sunflower microgreens on rotation all summer long, but it may take up to one week to deliver them to you based on the timing of your order.  I am currently delivering on Wednesdays, and offering local pickup at Franklin Farmers Market on most Saturdays.  I will reach out to you ASAP  upon receiving your order to coordinate a delivery or pickup that works for both of us.  Microgreens are harvested fresh for you on the day of delivery/pickup.  Backorders will be added to the waitlist for the next available harvest.

One order includes a 1/2 pint compostable clamshell full of cut microgreens.  You receive a significantly larger amount of food this way compared to a similarly sized box of live microgreens, and believe it or not they also last longer! If you wish to store your microgreens for more than a few days, I suggest transferring them to a sealed glass or reusable plastic container when you receive them. Keep refrigerated and rinse in cool water right before use.

Important: Fresh veggies are only available for local pickup or delivery near Franklin, IN.  I do not ship fresh veggies through the mail.  If you order for local pickup, I’ll reach out to you to set up a time and place in or around Franklin where I can deliver your order to you.  I do not give out my farm address for privacy reasons (it’s my home), so we’ll pick a mutually convenient place to meet up.  If you live nearby I might be able to deliver them to your home or office, but if you absolutely must have delivery rather than pickup please discuss that with me prior to ordering to confirm that it is possible.

Sunflower greens have a deliciously succulent texture, and they are one of my personal favorite greens.  The flavor is a little nutty, a little buttery, a little sunflower-seed-y, and a little piney.  I love to chop these up and mix them with matchstick carrots, sunflower seeds, and creamy salad dressing to make a fresh and easy side-salad.  I can easily eat a whole box in one sitting!  Also check out these delicious recipes for Sunflower Microgreens on the blog:

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Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 1000 in

It doesn't really weigh 1,000 lbs! I put this weight in to require local shipping.

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