Pawpaw Fruit Slice Earrings (Ceramic) – Molded from real baby pawpaw fruit! Many Colors Available.


These ceramic pawpaw fruit slice earrings are created by casting molds of real, unripe, tiny baby pawpaw fruits from the farm! They are 100% original and botanically accurate.  Available in many different colors!


These handmade ceramic pawpaw earrings are created by casting molds of real, unripe, tiny baby pawpaw fruits! They are 100% original and botanically accurate.

In the springtime, on a beautiful sunny day, I visited my pawpaw grove. I talked to the trees and told them my idea for this art project. After I was sure we were all excited about the idea, I carefully selected several of the tiniest unripe fruits to harvest for art purposes. I thanked the trees for their many gifts. I did not know if there would be seeds inside yet, but I hoped. Imagine my delight when I carefully sliced the little fruits and found these beautiful and unique seed arrangements inside! I delicately excavated the little seeds and cast molds from the sliced fruits. Once I had the molds, I was able to create these earrings using organic clay and non-toxic glazes. The fruit body is painted in cream colored glaze and the edges are painted in light green similar to real pawpaw fruit. The imprints where the seeds had been are painted in the pop color of your choice, and you can also choose which pawpaw fruit shape you prefer (the pointy shaped pawpaw or the more rounded shape). Ear wires are hypoallergenic stainless surgical quality steel.

If you order a color combination that’s currently out of stock as a backorder, I can usually make it for you within one week.

Every pair of earrings is handmade with care and intention by Farmer Laura.  The original molds for the charms were made from real baby pawpaws grown here on the farm.  Your purchase helps to fund the free educational publications on this site and the many ecological restoration projects on the farm.

– This listing is for one pair of earrings.
– Please allow slight variations in measurement and appearance due to the handmade nature of these earrings.
– Contents: organic ceramic clay, nontoxic glaze, surgical/stainless steel ear wires

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in

Organic Ceramic Clay, Non-toxic glaze, Surgical/Stainless Steel Ear Wires


Black, Yellow, Orange, Rainbow, Purple, Red, Ivy Green, Spring Green, Tahiti Blue, Mosaic Blue, Periwinkle, Raspberry Whip


Rounded Pawpaw, Pointy Pawpaw