Farm Life

Finding Beauty

Beauty exists in unexpected places. In the entangled geometry of fallen branches, in the wild weedy exuberance of spring, in the cleansing downpours and the spaces of rest between tasks. Those small moments of inspiration are the fuel that sustains me when life gets hard, when my best laid plans are thwarted, when I reach my limits.

Lately, my inputs have been greatly reduced due to a physical injury. I do what I can, but the land looks less and less human as the weeds grow up and dead branches fall down. I take comfort in the knowledge that my chosen work is not wholly mine. I am participating in an interconnected co-creation with this land and all the life forms who share it. This wilder version of the land is no less alive. The trees bloom, the rain falls, the sun shines, and the microbes transform death into new life.

This unplanned respite has yielded some interesting fruits. It has given me time to imagine, to plan, to strategize, and to rethink. I feel more committed to this work than ever before, and I am starting to see a much clearer vision for the future of this farm. I’m looking at ways to bring all the farm products into better alignment with the foundational mission of healing the land and growing a greener world. My goal is to be able to offer something truly beneficial in a way that nurtures my own energy so that I can continue this project sustainably into the future.

Nature is built on cycles. Day and night, growth and rest, freeze and thaw, rain and sun. I find that life often follows those same patterns. Perhaps my present phase of limitation will guide this farm into a new season of more intentional growth, beauty, and abundance. I am truly excited to find out where the path may lead.

A hickory bud unfurls into a beautiful boquet of leaves and twigs