Where Are You Located?

Franklin, Indiana, USA! If you’re interested in local pickup from the online shop, that can take place pretty much anywhere in Franklin. I’ll meet you somewhere! If you’re looking for a mailing address, there’s a P.O. Box address in the footer of every page on this site. (Trafalgar is a neighboring town with much more affordable Post Office Boxes.) I don’t publish the physical address of the farm for privacy reasons (it’s my home).

Can I visit your farm?

Maybe someday, but not right now. Instead, consider coming to one of my events! If you have questions about the better-than-organic growing practices used on this farm, I’ll be happy to answer them for you. You can also find myriad information about that on the blog and on the about the farm page.

How can I contact you with questions or special requests?

Please connect through one of our social media accounts, or use the email link posted in the footer of this site.

Do you sell strawberries?

I have planted many native fruit and nut crops on this farm, including native wild strawberries. Native fruit, nut, and herb crops are the main focus of this farm, and they account for nine of ten acres. These crops all take time to establish before they can begin to bear fruit prolifically. Think years, not months. I expect to wait at least two more years for the strawberries, at least five years for the pawpaws, and about 38 more years for hickory nuts! Meanwhile I humbly offer the faster growing crops and handmade products that I am able to produce right now. You may also enjoy learning the origin story of the farm name here.

What other services do you provide?

– I am available for select speaking engagements and educational community workshops.
– I offer photography services to other Indiana farmers who are doing earth-healing work. These services are available at sliding-scale flexible pricing through sister company Reflected Spectrum Photography.