A Good Year: 2023 Recap

My new year’s resolution last January was to find my way out of burnout and reclaim my joy. I consciously crafted a gentle year for myself, with small goals and a stripped-down schedule. Thank the stars. This year came pre-loaded with significant obstacles of its own, and I don’t think I would have made it through a more ambitious year. As things were, I had the space and the presence of mind to navigate each challenge as it came. I processed the lessons from each setback, as they called into question my old assumptions, challenged my default patterns, and shook me out of a predefined path paved with limiting beliefs. Through it all, I healed from my burnout, regained my energy, my zest for my life and my work, and even my joy. Read the rest of the article to relive the brightest moments and most significant accomplishments from 2023!

Practicing Permaculture

Permaculture was one of the first sustainability models that I encountered in my early days of adulthood, when I was learning to tend my very first garden. I fell in love with the abundance, the layers of fruits and vegetables and vines and herbs, the home scale, and the can-do attitude of it. My permaculture has been expressed in different ways throughout the decades that followed, but it has been part of my life ever since. I’ve practiced permaculture on apartment balconies, in office towers, in community gardens, front yards, and now on a farm scale. The teachings of permaculture are a valuable tool in any Earth-lover’s kit. Whether you are managing big land, a small garden, or an apartment, permaculture can bring more abundance to your life through creativity and a well-engineered design. Click the title to read the full article.