Apiculture (Beekeeping)

Long Live The Queen : Lessons in Beekeeping

Although honeybees are not native to this continent, they are a connecting link between humans and the insect world. For the sake of honeybees, people will plant wildflower gardens, forego lawn chemicals, and advocate for organic agriculture. Fewer people would be willing to take similar actions for the sake of native pollinators such as the paper wasp, but the same actions benefit all pollinators. The honeybee has a certain charisma that helps to affect positive change in the world. I believe that because of the honeybee, and our human relationship with them, the world is a better place. In this article, I talk about the evolution of my beekeeping journey and lessons learned through my first few years as a new beekeeper.

Bee-ginning Again

When I opened my hives for their spring inspection, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My bees were dead. I had been visiting my hives every day to observe bee traffic through the hive entrance, and there were always bees coming and going. It turns out, they weren’t my bees.