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Finding Beauty

Beauty exists in unexpected places. In the entangled geometry of fallen branches, in the wild weedy exuberance of spring, in the cleansing downpours and the spaces of rest between tasks. Those small moments of inspiration are the fuel that sustains me when life gets hard, when my best laid plans are thwarted, when I reach my limits. This spring has taken some unplanned turns due to physical limitations, but there is still great beauty to be found.

Slow and Steady

The tortoise and the hare is one of the first stories we all learn as children. In the story, a slow moving tortoise races a super fast hare. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, the tortoise wins the race by steadily placing one foot in front of the other, while the overconfident hare wastes time on a nice long nap. It’s a good lesson about the power of persistent, steady effort and the downfall of overconfidence. Lately, I’ve been wondering what would have happened if the hare had really put in his maximum effort. What if he ran at maximum speed for the whole entire race. Would he have won, or would he have developed an overuse injury?

The Year of Stability : Growing Strong Roots in 2024

Congratulations, dear ones. We made it through 2023! All of the challenges we faced over the past year have grown us into the people we are right now. I hope we have chosen to become wiser, stronger, and kinder as a result. We are crossing into a bright new year full of new opportunities, new experiences, new possibilities. All the cards are on the table. Which one will you choose? This year, my resolution is stability.

A Good Year: 2023 Recap

My new year’s resolution last January was to find my way out of burnout and reclaim my joy. I consciously crafted a gentle year for myself, with small goals and a stripped-down schedule. Thank the stars. This year came pre-loaded with significant obstacles of its own, and I don’t think I would have made it through a more ambitious year. As things were, I had the space and the presence of mind to navigate each challenge as it came. I processed the lessons from each setback, as they called into question my old assumptions, challenged my default patterns, and shook me out of a predefined path paved with limiting beliefs. Through it all, I healed from my burnout, regained my energy, my zest for my life and my work, and even my joy. Read the rest of the article to relive the brightest moments and most significant accomplishments from 2023!

Rake Leaves, Make Compost

Autumn leaves are the essence of abundance. In my part of the world, we have an almost unimaginable bounty of fallen leaves right now. We have so many fallen leaves, most people throw them away. We have so many fallen leaves that they can feel like a nuisance. But every single leaf contains multitudes. A leaf can be mulch, a leaf can be compost, a leaf can nurture new life in many forms. Like the Zen proverb “Chop wood, carry water” teaches us, dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to the task at hand is infinitely powerful. For today, I’m going to rake leaves and make compost. Whatever tomorrow brings, today’s actions will serve to create more abundance than I had yesterday.

A Year of Joy, Midpoint Update

My New Year’s resolution and my business plan for 2023 was to find my way back to joy after a year of overwork ushered in a whiff of burnout. The year is half over now, and although it has been an externally tough one peppered with extreme weather, expensive repairs, emotional losses and financial difficulties, I’m riding those waves and staying on top. I’m cultivating a mindset of abundance, a deeper connection to the land, and stronger foundations upon which to grow, rest, and live. The resulting light of joy is radiant.

The Year of Joy

Dear friends, welcome to this glorious new year! We survived. We made it this far. There is some really good stuff on the horizon. Yes, there will also be challenges to face, limits to test, and burdens to bear; there always are. But the sun is going to shine. Plants are going to grow. Birds are going to sing! And this year, my resolution is joy.

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