About The Author

self portrait with american plum tree

Laura Northrup Poland is a farmer, writer, and artist living in Midwest USA. She practices a unique combination of farming methods, integrating the design science of permaculture, the soil-building practices of regenerative agriculture, organic methods and native plants in a whole-ecosystem restoration approach. Laura is a long time organic gardener, a certified permaculture designer, and an herbalist-in-training. She is a member of the Seed Savers Exchange and the United Plant Savers. She lives on the farm with her husband, cats, and chickens.

Laura began her career on a totally different path, and earned a B. S. in Computer Science and a Mathematics minor from Indiana University in 2006. Soon after graduation, she began craving the Rutgers heirloom tomatoes that her late grandfather always grew in his garden. Unable to find good tomatoes available for purchase, she began participating in the local organic community garden and growing them herself. She found her true calling in that garden. Finances are difficult for farmers, so it wasn’t an easy transition. Land prices have skyrocketed in recent years, while food prices have remained low. Through careful planning, frugal living strategies, and successful careers in the technology industry (plus a couple of side-jobs), she and her husband were able to purchase the ten acres of land that now comprise Strawberry Moon Farm in 2015. In 2020, Laura was laid off from her job in the technology industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic financial crisis. Although an unexpected layoff and recession would be devastating under most circumstances, in this case it gave Laura the nudge she needed to dive into full time farm life. One year later, she has no regrets.

Laura currently writes the Strawberry Moon Farm blog, runs the farm at Strawberry Moon, and sells vegetables at the local farmers market every Saturday. She’s also behind the camera at Reflected Spectrum Photography, helping other regenerative farmers showcase their work in the best possible light.

Laura is available for select speaking engagements. Please send inquiries through any one of our social media platforms.