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The Long Journey

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Last week, my husband and I embarked on our second cross-country move. Despite freezing weather, three snow storms, and one curious police officer, we safely crossed eight of our united states from San Francisco to Indianapolis.  We arrived at our new home with our three cats, six trees, and live sourdough culture.  As we unwrap each of our belongings, we try once again to adapt to a new home, a new climate, and a new neighborhood.

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This page is a placeholder for what will, one day, become a very informative site for an organic farm.

I am an artist (mostly photography) who is most at home in nature. I used to grow all the fresh produce my family of two could eat, share, and preserve on a large community garden plot.  I am currently gardenless, but every day I tend to a few fruit trees and herbs in containers on my balcony. At this moment, Strawberry Moon Farm is nothing more than scribbles in a notebook, but I’m holding this domain until the day I can make Strawberry Moon a reality.

My goals for the farm are to:
* Grow healthy, organic food using organic self-sustaining practices
* Make fresh, exciting, gourmet specialty crops locally available including native plants and exotics
* Grow a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs
* Raise healthy, happy chickens who will provide eggs as long as they are able, and later enjoy sunshine-filled retirement for the rest of their natural lives
* Minimize the use of fuel-powered machinery, relying on physical or renewable energy whenever possible
* Protect natural pollinators and maintain hives of honeybees
* Apply artistic principles to landscape design and create a beautiful natural space to enjoy with friends and family

Until then, stay wild

Founded: 7/23/2013